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Rourke: The Panhandle Rancher sent this in recently. Thanks PR!!
Readers might be interested in the amount of equipment the wife and I travel with. Depending on how far/where we travel, the M4/M1A is traded out so that we just travel with one long rifle. My EDC includes a 1911 platform, Surefire Chroma, Emerson folder, 4″fixed blade, fire materials, and compass. I’ve laminated the attached list and stored in the safe so that if someone steals the truck, I at least have a list of serial numbers for law enforcement and a list of overall contents for my claim to USAA.
When leaving the country, we always add a case of bottled water and a dozen cans or so of our favorite soups and the like against the off chance of getting stranded somewhere. Our backpacks, of course, contain a number of freeze-dried foods and re-packaged lifesavers (a comfort food).
The metal box is a top end commercial box with two sets of chains bolted to the inside of the lid and sides so that the lid can be further secured apart from the factory lock with two internal padlocks through the chains. The big risk with any truck mounted metal box is someone dropping a chain around the box and yanking it from the bed using their vehicle and then making off with the whole box. My metal box was ordered to fit and is snug against the sides of the bed. The top is also 2″ below the bedsides, again making it hard for the yank it off artist. Of course, I used carriage bolts and large washers so there is no bolt head under the truck bed for a wrench.
Hope this helps someone.


Contents of metal storage container bolted to truck bed

Green Blackhawk rifle case containing:

Bushmaster 5.56x45NATO Model XM15E2S s/n xxx with

Trijicon ACOG 4×32, Tenebraex kill flash, flip lens caps, NV rail adapter

LaserLyte LED sight (flat, rail mount)

Note: rifle has Picatinny rail top, no iron sights, recoil tube single point

sling adapter, single point green sling

30 rd magazines x3, 20 rd magazine, eyeglasses,

100 rd .45acp, M4 bayonet, and sheath, flex cleaning kit in black zip round bag


Ruger takedown 10-22 rifle black rifle case containing:

Bushmaster Carbon 15 pistol 5.56x45NATO s/n xxx

Picatinny rail with ‘iron’ sights, LaserDevices IR light s/n xxx

xxx reflex sight, Tapco single point sling adapter and sling

30 rd magazines x5, 20 rd magazine

Leica Ultravid HD binoculars 8×32, s/n xxx

Gerber AA red led light with sling


Springfield M1A SOCOM black fiberglass stock with 12” rail s/n xxx

Plate Carrier with 20 round M14 magazines x6; 1911 magazines x2, IFAK, dump bag

.50 US ammo can marked M1A/M14 travel kit, containing:

20 rd M14 magazines x8

cleaning supplies and spares

MICH US combat helmets x2 with flip up NVG monocular adapter


Long US military ammunition can containing:

Blackhawk tactical pistol holster with .45acp magazines x4 and tac web belt

Brunton magnetic compass (surveyor grade) s/n xxx

Leica Geovid binoculars 10×42 s/n xxx

1 bag of batteries, CR 123, N, AA, AAA, 2032, A23

Voodoo tactical notebook

NVD-PVS-14+P pinnacle autogated military NVG monocular

cage 36ZQ7 s/n xxx

Picatinny rail adapter for NVD

Face camo x3

foam earplugs

2 LED light, clip on

Surefire Millennium Combat Light with

white diffuser adapter and red lens adapter

Surefire SF IR illuminator with rail adapter

Surefire light spares containers x2 with CR123s and bulbs


Hoppe’s gun cleaning tubes and bag of patches

EI Zeta pistol light/laser combo with rail mount s/n xxx

Cylume IR chemlights x3

Celox blood clotting compound

Yaesu VX-6R VHF/UHF H/T in yellow pelican box s/n xxx

Antenna, adapters, power chargers

Baofeng UV5RA VHF/UFH H/T in yellow pelican box s/n xxx

Antenna, adapters, power chargers

Garmin 530 FRS/GMRS H/T with GPS s/n xxx, LiOn battery, AA adapter

Garmin 530 FRS/GMRS H/T with GPS s/n xxx, LiOn battery, AA adapter

Version 2

12 VDC truck battery jumper cables

50’ Lariat

48” Bolt Cutters

Badlands Summit backpack with mountaineering tent, sleeping bag, qt canteensx4, men’s Filson clothing including oilskin coat with wool liner, Katadyn pocket water filter, titanium cookware and cups, gill net, take down fishing pole and reel, misc. fishing supplies, Silva compass, WAC aviation charts, road maps, topo charts, camp ax, 6” blade knife, misc. camping equipment.

Backpack with women’s clothing and black zip flex weapon cleaning kit

Danner boots, men, size 13

Browning kangaroo leather women’s boots size 5 ½

Irwin combination tool set 3/8 and ¼” drive socket set


Bag, black with miscellaneous tools including hydraulic jack

Cloth-backed woven ripstop nylon mat 8×10’, greenish brown with green liner

200 rounds .45acp in plastic boxes

Beta magazine for M4/Carbon15 (100 rounds 5.56×45, rotary)

Chest rig containing 30 round M4 magazines x 6, IFAK, Dump bag

Gerber folding shovels x2

Surgical kit, Celox bandages, Israeli tourniquet, x2

3/8” nylon climbing rope, carabineers, wedges, etc.

Hearing protectors, muff style x2 (unused, new)

36” handle single bit Plumb ax

Gerber machete




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