Operational Cache Part 2: Reasons for Creating a Cache

After publishing Operational Cache Part 1: Quality of Selected Equipment, I received a few emails questioning why a cache would be needed in the first place. Although in years past I felt the need for a cache really wasn’t there times are changing.

Here are a few reasons to have a cache(or several):

Property Destruction – If there is  some type of destruction to your property having a cache located somewhere would at a minimum provide some supplies.  In this case a cache located at someone’s house or at a storage facility may be best.

Gun Confiscation – In the book series Days of Noah the main character Noah Parker is charged with a crime – teaching Christian beliefs in a public school. This in turn creates a tidal wave of governmental intrusion in his and his family’s life. DSS comes into the home to investigate that Noah’s children there are in no danger. After all – dad was charged with a crime(never mind innocent until proven guilty).  Part of the standard practice of the investigation is to REMOVE ALL FIREARMS FROM THE HOME. Noah’s wife had buried a cache under the corner of their shed containing a pistol “just in case.”

This is not very far fetched in the real world where the Constitution seems to become more and more irrelevant to governmental agencies with each passing day. A cache containing firearms at a minimum will help protect your ability to protect yourself and family.

SHTF/WROL – Probably not the most talked about reason for having a cache. The SHTF happens and you’re on the way to your bug out location. Along the way and in the area around your retreat area supply caches are buried/located. These can be accessed for resupply or supplying others. There are many scenario’s around this one.

Robbery – If your home is robbed and all weapons are taken a cache could provide an avenue to gain a method of self protection quickly. In this case weapons are the main area of concern. It is doubtful anyone will come steal all your freeze dried scrambled eggs and bacon.

Bugging In – This is not just staying at home it is getting home. Let’s say you are at work and something happens. Having supplies buried/located along the route could mean the difference between life and death. Distance from home and geographical factors play a big part in whether a cache would be truly beneficial. I work 20 miles from home. If I wasn’t able to drive home I have what I need in my Jeep. No cache is necessary. If I was 40 miles? That might be different.

There would certainly be a peace of mind knowing that those supplies are there…waiting….in case they are needed.

Part 3 coming soon.



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Want to help support what we do here at 1776PatriotUSA.com? Follow any link from this website to Amazon, make a purchase, and we receive a small commision at no additional cost to you. Zero. Nada.

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