Independence Day

July 4th, 2016. Many will be celebrating with friends and family the greatest country in the world and using words like freedom, liberty, and patriotism. New American flags will be flown and red, white and blue t-shirts worn. While others will be looking at this Independence Day a little different than years past. For many this Independence Day will be looked at from a more historical and almost “memorial” perspective.

To illustrate the severity of just how far modern America has distanced itself from the shining beacon of freedom and liberty it once was look no further than California.  In just the past few days Governor Jerry Brown signed into law sweeping new gun control laws on top of some of the most strict in the nation. The assault on the 2nd Amendment is significant. These new laws include making it illegal to possess a magazine holding more than 10 rounds. Background checks on ammunition purchases(including online) and making it illegal to allow anyone other than a family member to use your gun. 


Governmental intrusion in all of our lives often goes unnoticed to the majority but for us that pay attention and understand the facade reality provides a different perspective. 

Happy Independance Day. Celebrate the greatest country in the world. Just not as great as it once was.



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