From the Front Lines: New Sponsor, 80% Lowers, Gardening

Here is another installment of “From the Front Lines”. Basically a collection of random thoughts related to preparedness, current events, and whatever else that’s on my mind.

  • Getting ready to experiment with 80% aluminum lowers. I will report the results.
  • I also purchased an 80% pistol lower that is a Glock-compatible. I ordered it on an impulse a few months ago while the company still had them in development. I just received notice that shipments will ensue. Hopefully I can get it milled out correctly and get an opportunity to eventually complete it.
  • Part 4 of the Operational Cache series should be complete this weekend and published next week.
  • Here’s something for those that have had the unfortunate experience:


  • The 2016 Presidential “whatever” is a complete disappointment. I will write more on it later.  Maybe disappointing to many but I am not impressed with any of the candidates and regardless of who wins the GOP nomination I will struggle to pull the lever for them – though I will also find it difficult to sit at home knowing that if enough if us do just that Hillary will be the next President. I am still predicting that Hillary Clinton will be the next President. I said it many, many months ago and still believe it. I also hope that I am very wrong.
  • If you have any opportunity to start a garden this Spring jump on it. Extremely rewarding.


Take care all –







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