From the Desk of John Rourke – November 7th, 2016

Pretty much the only thing on my mind is the election. Just cannot comprehend how so many people could be fooled or are so ignorant to such a large extent that we are seriously looking at “President Hillary Clinton”. I shouldn’t be shocked after all Obama was elected twice.

Back in November of 2012 I predicted this country would never see another Republican President. Hope I was wrong.

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Testing on the Imalent DN12 LED Flashlight is complete. Review hopefully later this week.

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So – I finally got around to shooting my Hi Point 9mm Carbine. I hate it. Hey – lots of other people like it and that’s why so many options are available. Guess if you’re used to driving a Cadillac and then have to drive a Pinto you may get there but it will suck along the way.

I’m not giving up. Going to place the gun in a new chassis – the ATI Hi Point stock. I’ll add a red dot as well and go from there.


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So – Obama is now promoting illegals to vote in the election. Nothing shocks me anymore.

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Looking at how my supplies are stored. Currently I use many 18 gallon plastic totes. Not the most durable containers in the world but they are cheap and work. After a couple of years they tend to get brittle and need replacing. Thinking about investing in gamma lids and start switching to Home Depot buckets for various supplies.
Curious what everyone else uses to store their supplies.


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