From the Desk of John Rourke – January 31th, 2017


So my son got fired from the job he has worked for the past year – Zaxby’s. It was his first job and he made me really proud how serious he took it. He missed a total of 1 day and brought a doctors note for that absence. He received a raise about a month ago. Why was he fired? He messed up and thought he was scheduled to work at 5:00pm Sunday – he was actually supposed to be there at 11:00am. He screwed up. They called him at 12:00 and asked where he was. He jumped in the shower and drove to work – only to have a manager with a big smile on his face tell him he wasn’t needed and to go home.

He called to get his schedule for the week and was told he was fired.

I struggle letting this go although there is not much to do. So frustrating.

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Interesting how the Left continues to try to out due itself in the hypocrisy department. Outrage over the limitation of citizens from 7 countries from entering the United States is widespread sparking “protests”. Interesting. I do not seem to remember any protests from Liberals when Obama banned refugees from Iraq for 6 months in 2011. How about Democratic President Roosevelt who rounded up American citizens and placed them in camps?

Naw…..ignore the facts.

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I’ve replaced almost all bulbs in my house with LED bulbs. Prices are dropping and they last so much longer. This is especially useful for those bulbs sitting high up and in difficult to get to areas.

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I’ve been experimenting with my Seek Thermal mini camera. For around $250 I am fairly impressed. I see my group having a few of these hooked to iPad Mini’s and monitoring them as part of a security surveillance system. Thermal continues to get cheaper. I’ll try to post some video’s showing what it looks like.

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I just discovered Microtech automatic knives. Sweet!!! They are legal here in South Carolina. Dealer for these high-end knives is a few miles from my house.

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Something for you……..

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