From the Desk of John Rourke – January 20th, 2017


Inauguration Day. I pray that Trump is able to effectively institute a good percentage of his policies and prove the naysayers wrong. No doubt this is a pivotal time in history. Time will tell the true tale of his success and failure. I’ll tell you one thing – I am loving the sound of “former” President Barack Obama.

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Picked up some Monarch 45ACP ammunition – 300 rounds. Price was $13.99 a box. Really wasn’t on ,y radar but couldn’t pass up a great deal.

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Looks like some really cool stuff is being shown at the SHOT Show. Wish they would host it on the east coast. Glad to see Stag Arms back in business. My Stag AR has been a phenomenal rifle for years.

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Watched The Equalizer with Denzel Washington for about the 16th time. Great movie.

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If you are on Instagram please go follow me and shoot me a message letting me know. I will be doing some live stream events on IG soon.

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Latest picture of Jake and Bella hanging out in the backyard……

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