From the Desk of John Rourke – December 21st, 2016


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Appreciate everyone’s vote over at the Top 50 Prepper website. has been shooting up the list over the past couple weeks.  You can vote every day if you would like.  Thanks!!

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The terrorist attacks in Europe show the obvious incompatibility between Islam and modern civilized society. Call me Islamophobic? So be it. I fully realize that there are millions of peaceful Muslims living in the United States and the world. This doesn’t change my belief that Islam and it’s belief system is incompatible with modern civilized society.

Around the world women are shunned, shamed, stoned, mutilated, and killed. Fathers kill their daughters for not following beliefs from “the religion of peace”. Husbands remove the eyes of their wives and horribly burn them for suspicion of being unfaithful.

I’m sorry – but any belief system that supports this type of behavior must be shunned. Also in my opinion – Islam and Sharia law is not a religion – it is in fact an economic construct.

Europe is suffering for the poor decision of their Liberal leaders far too accepting and accommodating for allowing millions of Muslim refugees into their countries.

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