From the Desk of John Rourke – January 13th, 2017


7 days to go…..

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I have seen it often said that there is no place for discussion of government and politics on a preparedness website. Obviously I completely disagree. I think they are as intertwined as ammunition is to guns. So many of the situations we prepare for are directly related to government in some way. EMP and economic collapse are just two examples.

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I’ve not built an AR upper yet. Buddy of mine recently completed an AR-10. Being that I want to get one this year I may start picking up parts and do it myself.

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The Marines have now adopted the Magpul Gen 3 PMAG. It’s about time.

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Oh – about to get passed on the Top Prepper Sites list. Would appreciate any votes if you have a moment. Just click HERE.

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Hope someone can take advantage of the free Kindle ebooks listed below. Been posting them the last few days. Quality varies but free is free. I want to get the new 8″ model Amazon Fire.

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Something for you…..


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Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


There are many reasons why so many love their Kindle and Amazon Fire tablets. One huge advantage is you could literally go years without every buying a book to read as there are tons of free eBooks available. Don’t have a Kindle or Fire? No problem. There are apps that can be installed on most any cell phone or computer for free. No excuses!

Today’s Freebies

Survival Smart

Woodcraft and Camping

Among Wolves

BLACKOUT: After the Storm

Survival Medicine and First Aid

Home Canning Step by Step Guide

NOTE: If you see a free Kindle book that your interested in get it now. Prices change often and there is no way to tell how long the book will remain free. Before purchasing a free Kindle book on Amazon make certain the book is still free by making sure the price is $0.00. If it lists a price or says “read for free” or has a price for prime members the book is not free anymore.


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