From the Desk of John Rourke – December 27th, 2016


Christmas dinner my youngest heard someone on TV say “Merry Christmas”. He then said that he thought it was against the law to say Merry Christmas on television. My wife and I asked him where in the world he got that from and he wasn’t sure. I know where that came from. It came from the supposedly all understanding, compassionate, and fair-minded left-wing Liberals.


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2017 Goals & Objectives list is well underway. Will be sharing later this week. If anyone else would like to share their own list feel free.

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Picked two new EDC bags – both made by Condor. These are not survival kits or get home bags rather more utility or incidental pouches. Well – the larger bag could work as a small get home bag. I’ve just started putting them together and one is pretty small I am envisioning having the larger bag as one of those “jack of all trade” bags that contain a wide assortment of items to assist in all kinds of situations.

Here are the two bags – the Condor T & T Pouch and the Condor E & E Bag.

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Silver has dropped under $16 per ounce. I see it continuing to go down and possibly get in the $13 range.

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