From the Desk of John Rourke…..

No more “From the Front Lines….” I decided to go back to the old title of “From the Desk of…”


Looking at some website statistics it looks like only a few people have visited the PROJECTS section since I announced its creation. I’m going to maintain it however I’m going to publish those completed projects as articles as well just to get them out there.

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I swear I can smell Fall in the air. Maybe it’s the local waste treatment plant not sure but I am looking forward to the cooler weather. Some property project are suffering as I have been enjoying air conditioning too much. I need to jump on my gardening improvements pronto.


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Being involved with a few forums and a declining number of Facebook groups(I am about done with social media) here is my answer to the 9mm vs. 40S&W vs. 45ACP question: Get one.

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Recently watched a video where a #blacklivesmatter protester stepped out on a busy road and got hit by a car. A horrific event that was totally preventable. It’s also an example of something called accountability. I feel bad for the driver. Incredibly the protesters who had been hating on law enforcement suddenly found themselves screaming for their help.

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The email service I have been using to notify subscribers of new posts has been deactivated. Those who recently signed up via my new service will now receive only one announcement.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend. Be safe!








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