Constitution: Another Step Closer to It’s Death

The death of Antonin Scalia brings the death of the Constitution one step closer to reality. As the longest-serving member of the Supreme Court Justice Scalia provided a solid foundation for upholding Conservative beliefs. He was known as an “originalist.” With his absence the court will continue forward with 8 members.

This is a disaster for liberty and freedom.

First – decisions can be made with the remaining 8 Supreme Court Justices. The current makeup of the court is fairly split 50/50 between Conservative and Liberal ideologies. Upcoming cases involving abortion, immigration, unions, health care, affirmative action, and religious freedom may be decided quite differently with Scalia’s absence.

Should the court rulings be split 4 – 4 the lower court rulings will stand.

So – what happens now? 

Obama will nominate someone to replace Scalia. I suspect that he will find someone who most would consider a moderate. With the track record of Republicans in Congress they will be pressured to pass this candidate through. We do not need a Moderate we need a Scalia-like Conservative. Maybe the Republicans will block nominees from now until a new President is elected. Doubtful. If Hillary or Sanders is elected our problems will just be magnified.

History is being made right in front of us.



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