A second Civil War or American Revolution?

It is interesting as I travel through my everyday life and talk to acquaintances or meet with vendors as part of my job the things people say. These folks do not know my political leanings nor my concern for troubled times ahead. These are just regular people that they themselves voice concern about the future. More than once I have heard things such as:

“Something is coming. I don’t know what but something is coming.”

“It is about time that people stand up and take back our country. It’s just a matter of time.”

“There’s going to be another Civil War and this time the South will win!”

From the last one you can tell I live in the South.

These feelings are widespread among many and I feel them too. The division in this country is significant. This division has divided the American populace when it comes to religion, race, abortion, economics, and social concepts. The country is even divided on which bathroom someone is to use. It’s crazy.

I can’t predict the future no matter how hard I try. For arguments sake let’s say things don’t get better they in fact get much, much worse. I know – it’s a stretch. Will we experience some form of Civil War, a second American Revolution – or something else?


Civil War

Generally a civil war is between two or more groups within a country or a region fighting to gain control or create change.  Governmental forces are usually involved and to what extent can vary. Looking at the United States why would a civil war be fought? A civil war could be fought over race, political strife and beliefs, removal of entitlements, social classes, economic division, and of course religion.

The United States as of this writing is extremely divided politically with much of the country sitting on opposite ends of the opinion spectrum on many issues. Many believe a civil war could occur between Patriots and “Tea-baggers” on one side and Socialist Progressives on the other. Others believe a race war of sorts may break out and drag in other groups into the conflict.


Second American Revolution

A revolution usually involves the overthrow of a government by a segment of the country’s population.

I most often see references to a Second American Revolution in regards to an overbearing government which is continuing to restrict freedoms and admonish the Constitution. The foundational beliefs concerning the Federal government and its tyrannical grip on its citizen run so deep that talk of state succession is not uncommon and widely supported.

The 2nd Amendment is often the subject that brings talk of revolution when Progressive gun control advocates call for government intervention.


Checking out a few forum threads over at SurvivalistBoards I came across the following entries on the matter:

“I don’t really see any armed resistance. I view AmeriKa now much like the movie Idiocracy. We are gradually and steadily being converted into non-thinking, dumbed down, complicit, politically correct zombies that will “tolerate” mediocrity, incompetence and even injustice. When people don’t have the brains to evaluate and vote for good candidates, why would you expect them to rebel against completely incompetent ones.”


“There won’t be any revolution or civil war per say. There will be just a steady downhill spiral into a police state that enforces the policies of the ruling party. Pretty much what we have going on right now, only getting worse by the year..”


“Every country, dynasty and empire has failed in history and been replaced by another.”

“It is nearing the time where we will all have a choice to make, and I for one am getting a little sick of just being an armchair commando and bitching about everything. I’m not inviting insurrection here, I just don’t know what the hell to do other than wait for our government to kill itself.”

“Maybe here sooner than we thought now.”

“If there were to be a legitimate armed revolution, the leaders of such a revolution will be folks who were initially leaders in the military and LE. Think about how many leaders of the American Revolution served and/or fought for the crown before they became disillusioned with it.”

“As some have stated, it won’t happen as long as people are fed and they have things to lose.”

“I’m still of the belief that one or more states will vote to secede first. How the federal government reacts to that will determine whether or not a civil war takes place.”


Opinions are all over the place and generally saying that civil war/revolution is possible however it is years away.

I tend to agree with the quote above stating that as long as people have food to eat and stuff to lose things won’t change much although history may paint a different picture. Less than 10% of the population fought in the civil war suggesting a small population can insight war/revolution. How about the American Revolution against Great Britain? 3 percent.

American Reformation: Likely a combination of civil war and revolution is the American Reformation. If you have read the book series 299 Days I envision something similar. The Reformation would include aspects of civil war with infighting between segments of civilians as well as groups included in an anti-government Patriot movement. A slow steady decline in economic freedoms and viability with a steady rise in governmental intrusion and division in the country. Sound familiar?





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