9/11: 15 Years Later

I use social media to promote patriotism and my political beliefs with a hope to positively influence others. It’s amazing the vile hate and negativity I receive from socialists, racists, and Liberals. Typically on 9/11 I post up a cool looking patriotic graphic that says “remember 9/11” or something similar. Nothing wrong with that but this 15th anniversary will be different.  Rather than remember what happened on September 11th let’s remember what has made this the greatest nation that has ever existed.

The following is a short interview with Dr. Herb London. London does an excellent job of combining the current state of this country and provides a historic perspective on it’s greatness. The interview it fitting due to the relevance of radical Islam’s involvement on 9/11 and the current headlines and state of this country.

It’s worth 11 minutes of your time.

Take care all – Rourke





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