Secure Communications for The American Reformation: Telegram App

Those Patriots who wish to communicate with fellow Patriots in a more secure manner – for whatever reason – may want to look into the communications tool called “Telegram”. Telegram is a communications tool available as both a web-based and mobile app interface.

Working very much like any other chat app such as Facebook Messenger Telegram offers several features which may be attractive:

  • Telegram is secure – or at least much more secure than typical communication tools.
  • Telegram is fast.
  • Telegram allows for both individual and group messaging and chats.
  • Telegram allows the sharing of files.
  • Secret texts can be sent which will self-destruct.
  • Available on all of your devices.
  • Voice messages can be sent.
  • Telegram is 100% FREE

Setup is extremely easy and not much different than any other app. Telegram does require access to your contact list and camera in order to send messengers as well as photos.

Telegram can send two types of messages with both being encrypted.

CLOUD: The first is a cloud-based message which is stored on the Telegram servers. While this may seem very un-secure it is not at all. While it is possible for the FBI to access these messages via a warrant, the ability for hackers to access the cloud is extremely difficult. Security is what Telegram is built their reputation and existence on. As of today, Telegram has provided zero data to anyone making requests. This includes governments.

SECRET CHAT: The second type of message is called the “secret chat”. In this format, messages are sent and received and can ONLY be accessed using the end users devices. This means that they are not saved on the Telegram servers and cannot be accessed by anyone – except those who use the user’s devices. These messages can be set to self-destruct. This is the most secure method within the Telegram app. Currently, the Secret Chat option is only available for person to person communications. Group Secret Chats are not an option – at least for now.

While there are pro’s and con’s to all secure communication apps Telegram continues to be the leader of the pack. Constant updates and added features keep things interesting and new features are added all the time.

Telegram – Secure Communication Solution?

I will tell you from my experience using Telegram over the past year it is fantastic. My preparedness group uses it as their exclusive communications tool. We set up multiple group chat rooms to use for different topics. Pictures, videos, and other files can be sent as well as audio. Frequently while I am driving if I need to communicate something to the group I just press the audio button and record my message – and then it sends automatically when I am done.

Whether it is in the middle of the American Reformation or the beginnings we find ourselves now Telegram is but one solution for more secure communications.

Note: Telegram is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems, as well as a web based access point. This means that virtually every multimedia device from Smartphones, tablets, and PC’s can utilize the technology.

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