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My turn…..

Comey Testifying: This may be unpopular but Comey came across as very honest and believable. If he was honest with everything he said it still proves that Trump was not under investigation and it also proves that Comey has a terrible process by which to make decisions. It seems that he has some kind of “God” complex whereby he feels he is the only one which can make a decision if something is right or wrong. Bottomline Trump came out looking much better than I thought he would.

I believe Comey to be honest – but seriously flawed in his decision-making. Hillary Clinton should have been charged…period.

Retreat: Starting to move supplies to the retreat today.

Communication: I have been testing some handheld radio’s courtesy of Patriot Believer and am extremely impressed. I will write up a complete report very soon as I just completed what is likely my final test. At the retreat, a multitude of communications systems has already been installed which will allow regional as well as short range communications. Options are excellent. The radio I am testing? The TYT MD-380.

Jeep Wrangler: I continue to enjoy my 2008 Jeep Wrangler 2-door. It is loud and has little room – but is still my Jeep. Replaced the battery yesterday and cleaned the engine. Man – battery prices have gone up. $140 for a basic 2-year battery. I did spot a gel battery I need for the retreat solar system while in the auto parts store.

Garden: For those that have been around here for awhile you may remember last year my garden was a disaster. A large storm came through and washed away much of the topsoil out of the garden and nothing grew after that. I put in a lot of work in the Spring and so far so good.

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