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Here is a place to share things you’ve been thinking about lately. What kind of things?

  • Recent accomplishments in preparedness.
  • Projects being worked on.
  • Thoughts on world events.
  • Recent purchases & recommendations
  • Current events related to politics, terrorism, crime – whatever.
  • Go on an adventure or have fun? Share it!
  • Whatever is on your mind….

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My turn…..

  • I’ve not had cable or satellite now for about 3 years. Between Netflix, Hulu, and bootleg movies and TV shows I really haven’t missed it. I spend about $50 per month on services and digital media purchases. I use Roku boxes mostly. I just signed up for a trial for Hulu Live. Hulu Live allows for live streaming of several TV channels. This is similar to cable. So far I really like it especially as I can watch Fox News. All my Roku boxes are too old to load Hulu Live so I picked up an Amazon Fire Stick – which I love. As a Prime member, I can access a ton of entertainment in the Prime library.


  • Looks like SOMETHING might – maybe – possibly – pass through Congress. No big deal. Just the largest tax cut in US history. We’ll see.


  • Is the creation of a “zombie” possible? I mean, there are concoctions in Haiti that slow the heart rate to the point that people appear to be dead – and then rise again later. We’ve had people trip out so bad on drugs they actually eat people. If some “mad scientist” had the tools and know-how I suspect they could design a drug to create the equivalent of a modern-day zombie. Possibly they would not feel pain thus they would just keep on going until their central nervous system is no longer functioning or the heart stops beating. Hmmm…….


  • Pick up a Mora knife. Man – this thing is incredibly sharp. For around $12.00 it is a great deal.

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Something for you…….a little “prepper humor”

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Your turn……



Want to help support what we do here at Follow any link from this website to Amazon, make a purchase, and we receive a small commision at no additional cost to you. Zero. Nada.

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