Just Around the Corner: 2017

What kind of year will 2017 be? Big question. Personally I am hoping this to be a BIG year – a successful year. Success can be defined in many ways but I am primarily talking financial and preparedness. Although I’m planning on writing up my 2017 Goals & Objectives here in a couple weeks a couple things on my mind:

Debt Reduction – debt raised in 2016 though not by a huge amount. Would like to clear 60-70% of it.

Savings – Emergency Fund is still funded however would like to increase it by 50%.

Preparedness – complete a few projects including:

Solar Refrigeration

Completion of three Operational Caches located in different places

Make contact with someone several states away via ham radio (likely 10 meter)

Take another carbine and pistol class

Secondary Income – establish two or three secondary sources of secondary income between my wife and I.


These are just a few thoughts.



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