Free Survival & Preparedness Downloads

We’ve discussed putting together a digital survival & preparedness library using Kindles, Amazin Fire’s – whatever. The free ebooks available on Amazon periodically are great but there are tons of other material available online. Military manuals, guides, white papers, university papers, articles, and books are all available.

I’ve started organizing and transferring my huge library onto a separate server. It is a summer project for me to create a page here with a list of all downloads. This should be a great resource. I’m also playing with the notion of having a secure area requiring a password. This would still be completely free. The only reason for the password is this area may have some “interesting” material.

Here are a few survival & preparedness downloads if you are interested:

The 1881 Household Cyclopedia

The Effects of Nuclear War

First Aid For Soldiers FM21-11

US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76

LDS Preparedness Manual

Nuclear War Survival Skills

Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction

Urban Farm Magazine – Issue #1

Dry It Like You’ll Like It

AR-15 Builders Guide

Have a great weekend folks!



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