From the Desk of John Rourke – September 6th, 2017


Hurricane Irma is now categorized as a Cat 5 with sustained winds upwards of 185mph. This thing is a beast. Folks in Florida where the most likely path will take it – be careful.

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While I understand the reasoning for President Trump’s decision on DACA, it was a stupid move. The vast majority of the country is completely for DACA. The President himself has said he is basically for it – however, it is up to Congress to change laws. Is he right? Yes – but if two apples were given to you or you bought from a grocery store you still have two apples. My point is this will do nothing but hurt his ability to govern. He made this move to satisfy those that voted for him over his stance on illegal immigration and be able to blame Congress should “dreamers” be deported.

I get the Constitutionality of DACA – but that is up for a court to decide if someone wished to challenge it. There are battles to be fought and conflicts to avoid. This was one to avoid.

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A new prepper fiction book has been release – SHTF: Fight Like a Man. It is written by a friend of mine Lisa Akers. Currently, it is available in Kindle format for $2.99 with the paperback version arriving any day. Audio? I need to convince her. She is an Indie writer with no support from a publisher. Although I do not “read” books and do Audio – I have downloaded to my Kindle and look forward to starting soon.

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New Project: is returning. For those unfamiliar, the website offers up daily deals on survival & preparedness deals. It is a great way to save money and find some pretty interesting products. Official launch date is October 1st. Head over to and sign up to

Head over to now and sign up to receive updates.

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For those interested Amazon has the Sustainable Seed Bank on sale again for $14.95. No telling how long this price will be good for.

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I’ve recently received several complaints that the “free” ebooks I post are no longer free when they click on it. Prices on Amazon change frequently. I have no control over that and provide ample warning to verify price before downloading. I realize it may be disappointing however this is a service I provide for FREE.

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Need to sure up some preps? No better time than right now.

Have a Kindle or an Amazon Fire tablet? You could literally go years without ever buying a book to read as there are thousands of free eBooks available. Don’t have a Kindle or Fire? Not a problem. You can download apps for most any cell phone or computer completely FREE! No excuses!

Today’s Freebies

How To Preserve Eggs

5 Ingredient Cookbook


Prep. Pack. Go.


NOTE: If you see a free preparedness eBook that you’re interested in get it now as prices can change quickly.  If it lists a price or says “read for free” or has a price for Prime members the book is not free anymore. Visit and sign up for more free survival & preparedness related ebooks.



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