From the Desk of John Rourke – September 21st, 2017


I was recently asked why I do not support transgenders in the military.

I do not believe that transgenders are normal and it is a sign of a mental disorder.  These people need help. A large percentage of transgenders are suicidal or at a minimum unbalanced.  This is not a logical thing for combat duty. Far too often in today’s “modern” politically correct society that which is not normal nor healthy – or right – is being made normal, healthy, and right due to the power of special interest groups. Political correctness is un-American.

I do not support any normalization of that which is not normal. Period.

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September 21st and my pepper plants are still producing strong! I dod not expect this as previous years peppers did not do well. There are still a few eggplants producing as well.

Wish there was a New York Strip Steak plant.

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In case there is something you have been wanting to do better get to it quickly. According to a Christain numerologist, the world will end Saturday.

Gee… more laundry!!

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More media bias exposed. CNN reported on the funny video that Trump retweeted where someone edited in the President hitting a golf ball and then the camera swings and shows it hitting Hillary as she is boarding a plane. While most normal people can laugh at such an attempt at comedy CNN freaked out over it.

At this same time, they ignored a Tweet by pro-Antifa college professor who said he enjoyed teaching “future dead cops”.

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