From the Desk of John Rourke – September 12th, 2017


Congratulations!! The United States National Debt has reached $20 trillion dollars. The crooks in Washington will keep the debt clock running……and running…..and running…..and running……

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I’ve been in discussion with an author who writes prepper fiction. They are wanting me to continue what I started with my book A Survival Story. I’ll write something up on this as a separate post and ask for story/plot ideas. We are talking a 3 book series altogether. Editing of Book One would be included with some updating.

I’m up for it. I tried writing Book Two in the series a few years ago however I had too many things going on at the time and had to stop. If I move forward I want a clear plot line and direction which to follow.

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Watching the coverage in Florida of the destruction left by Hurricane Irma….wow! What a mess. Those of you affected take care and keep looking ahead. No – “Keep looking up!” – right, JBernDrApt?

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Worked on further organization of supplies at home in my garage. Have a work bench I completely cleaned and setting up a comm center. I’ll throw up some pictures when I get some progress. Ham, CB, FRS/GMRS, AM/FM, etc. will be included.

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With all the hurricane talk not much being said about North Korea….or Melania’s wardrobe. Sigh…….

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