From the Desk of John Rourke – October 2nd, 2017


Another week of posting older articles. Next week everything will get back on track. While not obvious a lot has been and will be done behind the scenes to keep 1776 moving forward. A lot of projects getting worked on.

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The daily deal website launched yesterday.

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The protests in the NFL continued on Sunday with many players taking a knee during the National Anthem – or making some other gesture. Pretty pathetic. My own protest over how the NFL leadership is handling this situation involves absolutely no watching of any games whatsoever.

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Recently saw a rant on Facebook by a national preparedness magazine writer against the LifeStraw. Basically, his issue was he sent an email to the company requesting information on whether or not the LifeStraw would be a good tool to use in Florida and Houston where chemicals are found in the water. Due to their not emailing him back within a week or so he said he could no longer recommend the LifeStraw filter.

That is a mistake.

First – the LifeStraw does not remove chemicals from water. That is not its intended purpose. It is right on their website. In fact, the vast majority of water filters that we have access to do not remove chemicals. That includes the Sawyer. Now – step it up a level to a Berkey and chemical removal – or significant reduction – occurs.

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Peanut Butter M&M’s are incredible.

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Have a great week everyone!!

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