From the Desk of John Rourke – March 29th, 2017


A group of armed men and women marched at the state Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona. They open carried an assortment of AK-47’s, AR’s, shotguns, and other firearms. While this is not a common occurrence what makes the event particularly newsworthy is that those with the weapons are Liberals. Yes – they were all members of a political party that generally supports gun control.

armed Liberals, Redneck Revolt, SHTF, civil war

To make a long story short a reporter at one point followed them and tried to engage in conversation. Once they stated they did not want to be interviewed the reporter pretty much turned into an assclown and tried to antagonize them. The reporter was pretty much a jerk and the armed group did a good job keeping their composure.

The true story here has nothing to do with the reporter rather the group’s presence – and their agenda. The group was made up of several anti-Trump factions including the Arizona Brown Berets, Anti-Fascist Action Phoenix, and the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club.

armed Liberals, Redneck Revolt, SHTF, civil war

These groups are all supportive of the Redneck Revolt movement. Redneck Revolt is a racist pro-white movement that is anti-military and anti-capitalism – thus they have much inline with Liberals and Progressives. Their existence leads credence to the suggestion that the division in this country is growing. For those that believe we are on a path to civil war evidence is seeing an armed, anti-Trump, anti-capitalism, and anti-military movement with members marching on a state Capitol.

A bunch of snowflakes needing safe spaces? 

I don’t think so.


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