From the Desk of John Rourke – July 19th, 2017


One of my favorite movies of all time – Red Dawn. I’m talking the original one. What simple times we had back in the early 80’s. Wanted to know who the enemy was? The Soviet Union. It was simple.

Now? Enemies are everywhere.

Must have watched Red Dawn at least 100 times.

Red Dawn, DVD, Red Dawn DVD

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“Nukes threaten people; Ideas threaten civilizations.”

– – Dennis Prager

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I suspect this hunter needed a change of underwear.

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Earthquake off the coast of Russia between it and Alaska – 7.7 magnitude.

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Read a scenario online:

Has anyone here trained to fight with their knife? What if let’s say your long gun malfunctioned and you A: don’t have a sidearm or B: can’t reach it before the threat reaches you? But you can reach your knife. Do you know how to use it when it comes to being up close and personal with the threat? I know I will hear I could do it or I would do it, but using a knife is a lot different than shooting someone. Even under the stress. Are you mentally and physically prepared to use that blade to take another life to protect yours? Think on it preppers….

My response:

John Rourke: I’ll throw my 2 cents in and it’ll be worth what you paid for it. Based on the original post and the threat does indeed reach you so therefore you must defend yourself. Doing so with a knife is certainly better than with nothing. There is no mention of loved ones nearby so assuming there are none – if the threat is armed with a gun – you’re dead. If the threat is armed with a knife – create separation and RUN!! If the threat is unarmed – they are dead. Forget what is seen in the movies.

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