From the Desk of John Rourke – January 17th, 2018


There’s a lot of talk about the flu – and pandemics. While the pandemic talk is a lot of panicking it may not be at some point in the future. The season is very bad but pales in comparison to 2014-2015. It is reportedly getting worse so anything is possible.

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Next town over from me 4 police officers were shot after a domestic dispute. What a waste. Regardless of my previous stance on the equipping of law enforcement like they are military – they should have the greatest protection possible. It’s not me putting my life on the line every time I respond to anything.

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At the White House, a reporter was exited out after asking racially charged questions. Jim Acosta was basically accusing the President of being a racist – right to his face. I’d like to see him banned from the White House permanently.

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I’m down 16 pounds so far. How have I done it?

Calories reduction. Increase in exercise. Mostly Paleo diet. Some days I am working out twice per day.

Someone asked me if I’ve been getting sore. The answer is “no”. Why? FOr me when I eat a high protein, Paleo diet I rarely get sore.

Fasting cardio – cardio on an empty stomach – has been the cornerstone of my workouts. Each day I weight train as well on a different body part.

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Snow will be falling here in South Carolina today. People are panicking and the 1-3 inches we are getting will be gone totally within 24 hours.

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