From the Desk of John Rourke – August 28th, 2017


Changed the “What’s Rourke Reading…” at the bottom of the page. It has been years since I read Patriots – by James Wesley-Rawles. Listening to the audio version and it is very good. This is a book written so that when read a pad and paper should be present.

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The flooding in Houston is a very good example of why having a plan to relocate – or “bug out” – is important. Maybe it isn’t flooding. Maybe it is a dangerous tanker spill or civil unrest.

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Border agents recently discovered a hidden tunnel near the Mexican border and SanDiego. What is unique is the tunnel was being used primarily for smuggling people  – not drugs – into the United States. When the tunnel was discovered arrests were made including 23 Chinese and 7 Mexicans.

Chinese? I find that odd.

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I owned a Gen 1 Glock 17 years ago and loved it. Over the last 10 years, I have owned numerous duty pistol and have stuck with the M&P9. In fact – when I bought the M&P I went to go get a G17 and after looking at several offerings I decided on the M&P. The reason was quite simple – it felt better to ME than all the other pistols including the G17. Since then I have continued to check out the different generations of Glock and continued to stick with the M&P.

Glock has now released the Gen 5 version with some minor improvements. Will I change? No. In fact, I am planning on getting the M&P 2.0 this Fall. Nothing against the Glock 17 but the M&P remains what is best for ME.

Hey – that is what is great about the current firearms industry. There are many choices out there and just like cars just go out and find the one that fits YOU.

I will say this: Glock’s are overpriced. They are no better than many other choices out there though they are more expensive than most. If they dropped their prices and averaged $499 for their entire line of full-sized duty pistols that would push the competition well away from their top selling position. I wish that would happen.

Have a Kindle or an Amazon Fire tablet? You could literally go years without ever buying a book to read as there are thousands of free eBooks available. Don’t have a Kindle or Fire? Not a problem. You can download apps for most any cell phone or computer completely FREE! No excuses!

Today’s Freebies

Graham’s Resolution – The China Pandemic Book One

The Complete Bug Out Vehicle

Night Plague

Surviving  – Book 1

Organic Gardening: 20 Vegetables Anyone Can Grow

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