Chicken Noodle Soup Taste Test: 4 Years Expired


While I stock up on freeze dried and bulk foods such as rice, canned goods are the staple of my own food storage program. I have written about the myths surrounding expiration dates and suffice it to say canned foods will last years past labeled expiration date if properly stored. This goes for almost every kind of canned food including meats, soups, stews, fruits, and vegetables.

I’ve saved an assortment of canned goods over the years that the wifey wanted to throw out. Every so often I pull one out and serve it. So far I’ve had no issues with any of them.

Recently I reached deep into the back behind stacks and stacks of food all over my house and…….well, Ok I went to the cabinet and got a can of chicken noodle soup. The can expired in 2013 which makes it well over 4 years past the point most people would have thrown it out.


I opened the can, heated it up and put it in my belly. No issues whatsoever. As I expected the appearance, smell, texture, and flavor we all like the can was processed the day before. So while I would like to write up some eloquent article on my taste test it really boils down to opening a can, heating it up – and eating it.

****Note: Do not consume canned that are bulging or leaking. It’s not good for canned food – or people.


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