5 Reasons My EDC Must Include a Pistol


EDC(Every Day Carry) is a hot topic on many internet forums and discussion groups. Many approach EDC like a science weighing the pros and cons of each and every item. While there are many items discussed that should be carried I will not be found without my pistol. At this moment my EDC pistol is a Taurus PT-111 G2 9mm. That can change from time to time depending upon weather and where I’m going and what I’m doing. What is constant is my EDC must involve a pistol.

5 Reasons Why My EDC Must Include a Pistol

You Just Never Know – The news is full of stories where someone finds themselves “in the wrong place at the wrong time”. Often these situations turn out very bad for the innocent. Evil people exist in this world and yes – even in your neighborhood. I carry my pistol as I may cross paths with this evil.

Bad Guys Have Guns – While I may have practiced martial arts for years and carry a pocket knife the reality is many bad guys carry guns. Knife to a gun fight? I’ll pass. I need to be as prepared as possible to meet the threat and eliminate it.

I Am The True First Responder – No disrespect to law enforcement, fire, and EMS when an emergency happens around me or involving me I am the first responder. When there is a fender-bender and some irate, steroid infused gang-banger heads my way determined to pound me into next week waiting for the police to arrive may not be prudent.

Deterrence – While I would never promote showing a gun around(and in my State could get me in big trouble) just having the gun could de-escalate a situation. A violent crowd seeing my pistol could overwhelm me – if any of them are willing to get shot in the process. Hopefully, they would choose to move along and let me be. That goes for an individual as well. The last thing I want is to have to pull the trigger.

Non-Human Threats – A few years ago I was working in my garden. My youngest was about 8 at the time. My neighbor opened his back door and his dog came running out and went after Christopher. I saw it all happen in a blur but still had the awareness to reach for my gun…..which was in the cabinet inside the house. All I could do was run to his aid. The dog chased my son down and did not attack him but it could have been quite different.

The reason why I must carry a gun as part of my EDC goes well beyond “it’s my right” and the 2nd Amendment.

Why do you carry? Please share……



The Prepared Bloggers present - Everyday Carry Bag. What will you find in ours?

The Prepared Bloggers are at it again!

Everyday carry, or EDC for short, refers to items that are carried on a regular basis to help you deal with the normal everyday needs of modern western society and possible emergency situations.

Some of the most common EDC items are knives, flashlights, multitools, wallets, smartphones, notebooks, and pens. Because people are different, the type and quantity of items will vary widely. If you have far to travel for work or have young children, your EDC could be huge!

But, even if you’re just setting out for a walk around the neighborhood, taking your essential items with you in a pair of cargo pants with large pockets, may be all you need to be prepared.

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