Take Action: Guns. Magazines, Ammunition versus Gun Control

This is the first of a new ongoing series – Take Action – which will emphasize a very specific action to take based on my recommendations. The recommendation may be due to current events, predictable future events, or just importance for preparation.

Recommended Action: Secure supplies of firearms, ammunition, and magazines as soon as possible.

This first Take Action recommendation is related to firearms.  Ever since Barack Obama won the Presidency there have been a massive run on guns, ammunition, and magazines. Year after year historical sales have awarded Obama “Gun Salesman of the Year”. The reality is little has been accomplished on the gun control front  certainly not due to a lack of desire. A Republican Congress, the NRA, and a vocal gun owners have stopped gun control efforts in their tracks.

Enter: Hillary Clinton.

Watch at least the first couple minutes of the video below:

Hillary leaves little doubt of her desires to remove guns from the hands of law abiding citizens. I will be the first to admit that I fell victim myself to “panic talk” and believing that after Sandy Hook serious gun control measures were likely going to be implemented. I am not ashamed as I took what I felt were logical steps to secure my supplies. With the potential election of Hillary Clinton I see right now as no different.

July 25th marks the Democrat National Convention.  I believe that once Hillary is the official nominee it will just be a matter of time before the next massive sales run on guns, ammunition and magazines will begin. Thus my recommendation to secure any needed firearms, ammunition and magazines NOW. Once the run starts prices will go up and supply may dwindle depending on how likely it is for her Hillary to win the election.

There are many that say Hillary cannot accomplish her gun control desires due to Congress will not pass such laws. Folks – I don’t make plans on what is likely or what should happen. I make logical and fact-based decisions on relevant possibilities taking into consideration the impact the event will have on my life. I agree that Hillary likely will not be able to accomplish Australia-like gun confiscation but who knows? What if the makeup of Congress moves way Left? What if there are a series of mass shootings and there is an outcry for gun control?

Who knows?

Recommendations to Take Action:

  1. Purchase any firearms you wish to own as soon as possible at the current prices.
  2. Purchase firearms “off the books” via private sale if at all possible.
  3. Purchase ammunition for any firearms you have as much as you can afford.
  4. Purchase extra magazines for all firearms you own in quantities.

That’s it. Not rocket science. The four above steps will help cushion the blow of any future implemented gun control.




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