Riots in Charlotte, NC

As I type this events are unfolding in Charlotte, NC. Large groups made up primarily of black youth are rioting in Charlotte in a variety of locations. It was just reported that someone was shot in the head and is near death.

Complete insanity.

These rioters have looted stores, blocked a major highway, thrown rocks off of bridges onto traffic blow, and injured police officers. What are they accomplishing? They are confirming what many already believe is that these people are a cancer on our society. Ignorant and racist.

A black man is shot by a black police officer. The police report that the black man had a gun. What happens? Well – rather than let the facts play out ignorant people freak and make statements that inflame the situation claiming that no gun was involved and he was holding a book. This appears to be a complete fabrication as pictures have been released showing the gun and witnesses have watched dashcam video showing the man holding the gun.

I mentioned different categories of people the other day. These people rioting are part of the Oblivious. A cancer on our society may be an understatement. They are dangerous. Consider a collapse situation and organized, roving groups of these people.

Folks – this is a sign of the times. Keep your head on a swivel.

Be safe.



The video below contains profanity. Want to see an example of the Oblivious – here you go.










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