Orlando mass shooting

Terrible event that happened in Orlando. If you need the details see this news story here.

Several of us have been talking and like other similar events the Liberal Left is coming out aiming directly at guns rather than placing blame where it belongs – radical Islam and the Muslim shooter. There is little doubt gun control advocates will take full advantage of this to promote further restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. This event combined with the 9th Circuit Court’s recent decision on concealed carry is setting the stage.

Hillary Clinton will also politicize Orlando to her advantage. She will motivate her electorate to drive her numbers up to secure the election.

It is difficult for many to look past the death and the needless waste and separate out the value of the free to bear arms over the often too-quick reaction to just ban that which causes the pain. Well – in my mind that which caused the pain in this instance is Islam – not the guns.



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