Gun sales on the way up

With the anti-gun rhetoric from the Left being spewed since Orlando guns and ammo sales are climbing. Obama just called for the establishment of a new assault weapons ban. I spent some time checking a few online dealers and found a few of their more popular selections sold out. There was still plenty of ammunition available and prices seemed decent – for now.

Call it panic buying or call it common sense. When the threat exists to take away or limit the ability to defend oneself  – well – you go out and stock up.

My childhood best friend contacted me a few weeks ago. We see each other a couple times a year. He mentioned that he and his wife wanted to buy a couple guns. I asked why and he said – “The world is getting crazy.” He knows I’m a gun nut. Last week he bought a Glock 17 and just today he ordered a S&W AR. We are scheduled to get together beginning of July so we can do some training.

I have no idea his political beliefs. I have always avoided the topic as I was afraid it could affect our relationship.  I will avoid the subject of politics but will certainly discuss gun control, governmental monetary policy, and the direction the country is going.

Are you doing anything as a result of the Orlando attack and gun control talk?


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