From the Desk of John Rourke – November 18th, 2016

From the “It Never Ceases to Amaze Me File” – Man goes into Starbucks where they write your name on a cup and states “TRUMP”. You guessed it – they refuse and call the cops because he gives them a hard time.


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I’ve been on a cooking binge lately – primarily steak and stir fry’s. Just last night I took a large 12 oz. top sirloin and marinated it for 3 hours in KC Masterpiece “Steakhouse” marinade. Pan fried it on both sides until slightly blackened – then placed it in the oven at 375 degrees for I guess 25-30 minutes. Added a coating of Weber Chop & Steak while in the oven……WOW!! A1 Steak Sauce finished it off.

Seeing some great prices on beef right now.

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I’ve been off cable and satellite for a few years now and really don’t miss it. Just ordered a new long range HD antenna planning to install in my attic for upstairs TV.

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I am a big planner and every year around this time I start looking at specific goals I want to accomplish. Like many others many go to the wayside a few months in but I am going to give it a shot anyways.

I really want 2017 to be a fantastic year.

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So – my son’s best friend had left home and was staying with friends. He is 17. I took him out to dinner to find out what was going on with him as home with mom and dad is where he should be. Well – this kid has always been smart and very well-mannered and mature. He described a fairly unhealthy home life thus the reason he left. He has filled out college applications all on his own. He has kept his job although he has no license and no car – thus relies on others all the time. He was asked to leave where he was staying(girlfriend). So – now he is here at my place.

Yeah – fairly uncomfortable and the stress is on the rise. Need to find him somewhere else to go though I feel for him and want to help.

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Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!





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