From the Desk of John Rourke – December 26th, 2016


Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. Ours was great!

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Putin sends a message to the Democratic party –

“Democrats are losing on every front and looking for people to blame everywhere,” he said. “They need to learn to lose with dignity.

“The Democratic Party lost not only the presidential elections, but elections in the Senate and Congress. .…Is that also my work?” he said.

He went on to ridicule Democrats for never-say-die efforts to overturn the Nov. 8 presidential election, first by calling for recounts, then trying to get electors to flip.

“The fact that the current ruling party called Democratic has blatantly forgotten the original definition of its name is evident if one takes into consideration unscrupulous use of administrative resource and appeals to electors not to concede to voters’ choice,” Putin said, according to the Russian news agency Tass.

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One of my favorite books is EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots. Author Jonathan Hollerman and his wife just came out with a unique new prepper fiction piece – Alone: Beth Ann’s Story of Survival. It is unique in that it is a story with a women as the main character.

So you think you’re afraid of the dark? Twenty-two-year-old Beth Ann is content with her small-town life. That is, until the day America’s electric grid is destroyed by terrorists. What starts out as an inconvenience quickly becomes a catastrophe—not only do the lights stay off, but cars won’t run and phones are dead. The world screeches to a halt. Without communication and basic supplies like food and water, widespread confusion spirals into deadly chaos within days.

A wealthy opportunist saves the townspeople with his secret cache of food and easily takes control of the desperate town. But the darkness that follows is even more devastating than the electrical outage. When Beth Ann finds herself on her own, she must do whatever it takes to survive. Alone is a companion novel to the best-selling Equipping Modern Patriots Series, written in coordination with Survival Expert and Preparedness Consultant, Jonathan Hollerman.

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Three teenagers from my town have been arrested. They planned to hold up a gun shop – then rob and murder someone they had a beef with. My son knows all three kids. I know several kids that my son grew up with and I even coached them in Small Fry football who have gotten in serious trouble. What is the world coming to? How could these kids think they could pull off such a crime spree?


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