From the Desk of John Rourke – July 5th, 2017

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day.

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North Korea stays in the news with its claim it has successfully developed and tested an ICBM that can reach the shores(Alaska) of the United States.

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Picture from this past weekends “Range Day”:

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As I work to complete my next AR pistol I’m considering using a Sig SBX brace. Part of this is to be different as my last build I used the Shockwave blade stabilizer. Another reason is the recent ATF correspondence to SB Tactical who manufactures the Sig brace. The ATF clarified that shouldering the Sig Brace does not “redesign” the firearm resulting in a felony charge to the shooter. Legally this is a plus although there is a significant controversy if the ATF’s letter truly only relates to the Sig Brace.

AR pistol, Sig brace, Sig, SBX

On second thought I may stick with the KAK Shockwave. That Sig Brace is ugly. Hmmmm……

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Stephen H was the winner of the Valley Food Storage 1-Week Variety Pack. Thanks everyone for entering. I have tried several offerings from Valley Food and so far very good. My youngest loves their Mac & Cheese. Special thanks to Valley Food Storage for offering up the variety pack for the giveaway.

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Maxine Watters is at it again“[Carson] knows nothing about the mission of HUD,” Waters said in a speech at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. “He doesn’t care about people in public housing. He believes that if you are poor, it is your own fault. And he doesn’t know the difference between an immigrant and a slave.”

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Anyone have any experience with the Bushnell Equinox?

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