Cheaper Than Dirt boycott continues


Remember when Cheaper Than Dirt jacked up prices on ammunition and magazines right after Sandy Hook? I do – and have avoided them like the plague ever since. Of course they had every right to charge whatever they wished and I  – and countless thousands  – have every right to tell them “Keep it!!”

I’ve had numerous people tell me they were practicing capitalism in a free market. Sure. They were also price gouging their customer base and taking advantage. My local gun shop went up in prices approx 20%. I gave them my business. This means I paid $1200 for a $1000 AR.

Why was it OK for them to increase their price and not Cheaper Than Dirt? I am not saying CTD shouldn’t have raised their prices. My local shop HAD to raise their price as supplies were drying up. They looked at a situation where they may have significantly lower inventory in the coming months thus severe decrease in business. The cost on future products – AR’s, magazines, ammunition was also going up. They very well couldn’t sell me a box of 5.56 for $8.00 that was going to cost them $8.00 or more to resupply. In order to stay in business they had to raise their prices.

No – Cheaper Than Dirt was different. They gouged the hell out of 2nd Amendment lovers and many others did the same thing. Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, NC started selling 5.56 and .223 rounds for $1.00 a round shortly after Sandy Hook. I haven’t set foot in that place and won’t.

Many predict another similar environment is just a matter of time when supply will pale in comparison to demand and prices will skyrocket. Those in a position to watch from the sidelines knowing their inventories are set will enjoy the show while those still in need of supplies will stress over their ability to stock up.

Stack it high – right now.





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