Be Deliberate!

deliberate – on purpose and intentionally

People fail to stand back every so often and look at their life – and their actions. People often have good intentions but just do not follow through. You see in today’s world of superficial gestures and high importance placed on societal status.  People often feel like they have accomplished something when in fact all they did was “intend” to accomplish something. Intentions don’t get you very far – actions do.

How many times has someone told you….”Hey, it has been so long. We need to get together and have lunch. I’ll call you next week!” – and next week comes and goes and nothing. Hey – let’s be honest here – you’ve done it haven’t you? Don’t feel bad – just acknowledge and be aware.

Back to the title of this post: Be Deliberate!

Look at what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe it is a relationship improvement with your spouse, son, or daughter. Maybe increasing the size of an emergency fund is long overdue. Possibly it’s time to lose weight and get healthier. Whatever it is be deliberate and make it happen.

People are judged by their action, not their intentions. I judge myself in that way. It doesn’t matter what I intended to do what matters is what has been done. I work daily to be deliberate in my actions and inch ever closer to each and every goal I have.

Be determined. Be deliberate. Make it happen.


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