AlertsUSA sends out warnings

I received the following via email from AlertsUSA:

Beginning Wednesday, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of anti-Trump protests underway in cities across the US, including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Fran & Seattle. The protests expanded to numerous other cities on Thursday and Friday nights, with mostly college-aged social justice warriors pouring into the streets to disrupt traffic, harass, and in many locations, setting fires and destroying storefronts.

On Thursday night in Portland, OR, thousands of demonstrators gathered in the city center area and smashed shop and car windows, threw firecrackers, attacked police and set rubbish piles ablaze. Police declared a riot, deployed tear gas and made 26 arrests.

In many cities these protests are not spontaneous, but planned events seeded with paid protesters. Doubters can visit the Craigslist and Backpage websites for major cities, as well as popular social media platforms, and see the help wanted ads for themselves. They are usually listed under the Community section.

Anger over Donald Trump’s election has also resulted in a large wave of calls for his assassination appearing on a variety of social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Singer Marilyn Manson released a music video this week featuring him beheading a figure who looks like Donald Trump, and online video sites such as YouTube have numerous videos of Trump supporters being viciously attacked (see this, this and this).

AlertsUSA cautions readers that these protests are expected to continue and even expand between now an Inauguration Day. You are well advised to choose your words and battles wisely. The political left is enraged and unpredictable.

To the extent that I could possibly understand the actions of these individuals – what I do know is these people are dangerous. Regardless of the fact they are considered Liberals gun usage is not something that can be ruled out. The complete lack of morals provides them the perspective that anything allowing the arrival to their goal is fair game.

The big question is how many will resort to these tactics – and worse – and how far will they go.

Make America Great Again – will not be easy.







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