ALERT: Russia, China, and World War

There is a tremendous amount of activity going on involving Russia, China, Syria, and the United States. I am no expert on all of these current events so feel free to chime in with more information.

This is not paranoia and things are happening fast. The United States government appears to be preparing for conflict with Russia. War? Possibly.

A lot is going on and things are happening fast and tensions are building. I am not hearing a lot about these events in the mainstream media and folks I have asked about current events discount all of it as “nothing”. Hopefully they are right.


Here are a few news stories to read:

CIA Preparing for Possible Cyber Attack Against Russia

DEFCON Level Raised to DEFCON 3

7 Ways Russia Is Telling It’s People to Prepare for War

Russia Slams Washington Over Cyber Attack Threat


Although I have been doing a lot of research the following video’s from SouthernPrepper1 and Pastor Joe summarize things quite well……..





As quickly as possible I will create an area on this site dedicated to nuclear war survival.

I feel like I am back in the early 80’s.









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