From the Desk of John Rourke – September 20th, 2017


Hurricane Maria Update: Maria is getting ready to slam Puerto Rico and continue towards a general direction of the East Coast of the United States. Most of the tracking shows Hurricane Maria turning sharply north. It is still a long ways out and much could change. If anywhere within the range of this storm keep an eye on it.

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I watched some of Trump’s speech at the UN. Wow. Compare this to the wishy-washy pathetic efforts of his predecessor it was something else.

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Saw a report that Hillary Clinton might be funneling money to Antifa. She is not going to fund organizations such as Antifa. Regardless of the MSM Left-leaning agenda if proof came out it would be devastating not only to the Clinton’s but to the Democratic party. Look – the Democrat’s want nothing more than the Clinton’s to crawl away and be silent. They need fresh blood to motivate the masses and by 2020 they will likely have it.

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Just updated the “What’s Rourke Reading?” down at the bottom of the page. Started “This We Will Defend“. Book One was awesome.

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Reminder: If you are interested in joining the 1776 Telegram Group send me an email.

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