What if Hillary wins?

I have been saying for months that Hillary Clinton will be the next President. I certainly do not want that and feel the destruction of the United States will only be accelerated by her being in the White House. The question I have been thinking about is what will happen should she win? What will be the end results? What does it mean for myself and my family?

The first thought is in regards to the 2nd Amendment. She has promised her supporters that she will push forward gun control measures up to and including Australia-like gun bans. Likely this would take the cooperation of Congress or some type of Executive Action applied in such a manner to restrict firearm ownership. If firearm sales have been elevated due to Obama being President wait until Hillary wins.

The economy would not be immediately effected with a Hillary win.  Regardless of what many doom and gloom websites out there say the economy is doing better – but it is certainly providing a false sense of security. As the Federal debt is nearing 20 trillion dollars the ability to repay such an amount dissipates. The amount of Federal revenue needed just to pay the interest and growing expenditures is going to go beyond that which the taxpayers can shoulder. Taxes will need to be raised which will negatively affect the economy. It’s pretty simple really. The dominoes will start falling into place for an economic collapse the likes of which this country has never seen.

To a certain extent it doesn’t matter who wins in 2016 as this same thing will likely happen. Would (not could) Cruz or Trump do anything to turn back the debt clock within the first 4 years of their presidency?

Amnesty – with help from a Republican Congress – will be passed.    If the American people vote in Hillary a clear message will be sent to Congress and Hillary will take full advantage of it. An Amnesty bill of some form will be passed providing a path to citizenship for most all of the 11(or 30 – depending on who you believe) million illegal immigrants here. This will no doubt provide a tremendous incentive for waves of illegals to cross the border and keep this insanity going.

Privacy rights will diminish. I truly believe as Hillary represents the worst of big government that record keeping, data tracking, and the use of this information will increase. With verbiage coming from many in the Progressive community such as publishing CWP holder addresses and suing gun companies for the actions of criminals – many freedom loving, liberty-minded folks are fearful of repercussions. Many on the left are for legislating the 1st Amendment to the point that even bloggers will have to provide equal opportunity for dissenting opinions.

The Supreme Court – and this country – will be changed forever. With several seats likely being vacated over the next few years a Hillary Presidency will be able to fill the Supreme Court with liberal-minded judges. With their twisted comprehension of the Constitution the country that the Founders established over 200 years ago will become a thing of the past.

A 2nd American Revolution will become closer to reality.    It is not popular for a “survivalist” or “prepper” to talk about taking up arms against the government. That’s just anti-American isn’t it? I would have to say NO. Take a look at the oath which the enlisted take…..

“I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…….”

I hope it never comes down to anything like a revolution however the division that seems to grow in this country every day leaves me little hope.

Lastly – there are many that will go “grey man” should Hillary become President. They will eliminate all social media activity. They will transfer all their firearms into someone else’s name. No NRA membership. No purchasing ammunition online or even at a store. Private sales paid for with cash off the grid would rule the day. No Gadsden flag sticker on the car. Totally, unequivocally “grey” in a world that is black and white blending into society.

But hey – I could be wrong.





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