Thoughts on Muslim Extremism

This is America and I firmly believe in everyone’s right to practice any religion they wish – including Islam. If someone wishes to worship a pile of recycled toilet paper – all the more power to them. What I have issue with is when any one religion attempts to change my way of life and my country. Now there are Atheist scholars out there that can quote this or that and explain the need to remove “Merry Christmas” from our vocabulary and ban the Ten Commandments from courthouses across the country. Know my take on it? GO MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE! I believe the United States was founded by Christians with Christian values.

The Founders meant the freedom OF religion – not freedom FROM religion. The further and further these United States have drifted from Christianity the more immoral and degraded we have become. Back in the 80’s when Olivia Newton John came out with the song “Physical” radio stations banned its play and people were in an uproar over its suggestive lyrics. Today? That song wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. Like a set of domino’s staged one right after the other the first has already fallen.caliphate

In one of the Republican Presidential debates Donald Trump was told that roughly 100,000 Muslims are radical or extreme in the world. He stated that out of 1.6 billion Muslims to suggest that only 100,000 were radical Islamists was ridiculous. I agree. Back in 2011 25% of Muslims in the  Middle East had a favorable opinion on Osama Bin Laden. 25%!  There are estimates of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria numbering anywhere from 30,000-75,000.

My concerns are those Muslims who – if the winds shift just right – could be radicalized and turn violent against fellow Americans. The Koran says what it says. Interpretation – according to Muslims I have debated online – is everything. There are approx 3.3 million Muslims in the United States. What if only 10% of turned radical? 300,000 radical Islamic terrorists? OK – how about 1% given the right conditions? 30,000 radical Islamic terrorists?

Scary and concerning.

Before someone freaks out and calls me a racist(Muslim isn’t a race) I will say it again for the record – I do not care what religion someone is. If someone wants to be a practicing Muslim that is fine as long as they do not try to change me and my way of life.

I use facts and logic when I consider situations and develop opinions. It is a fact that there is a growing Muslim population in the world who have become radical and extreme and wish to hurt those with Western values. If there was a growing population of Australians or Hawaiians who had the same beliefs and ties to terrorism I would feel the same for them. The reality is I am a bit less concerned about granny in a wheelchair at the airport than Muhammad  wearing a towel on his head. It’s absolutely NOT politically correct – it is logical and common sense. Period.

I am not suggesting rounding up Muslims or anything even close. I am suggesting awareness and standing up for OUR rights. Those rights include the right to practice Christianity and do so unapologetically(or practice no religion at all). Those rights include NOT having our children being forced to sing “Allahu Akbar” at school. I believe we should all stand up for those values which this country was founded and built on – and made us great. Political correctness must be suppressed and destroyed while truth is brought to the forefront.

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BTW – I have friends that are Atheists. I used to have a friend that was Muslim. He was a good guy and would describe his life as a Muslim. He met his wife through an arranged marriage and had 7 children. He was suspicious of everyone. I lost contact with him several years ago and last I heard he lives on a Muslim compound in Islamville – in York, South Carolina.

Muslim extremism is a threat to the world and must be destroyed wherever it shows its ugly head. All one has to do is look to Europe to see its effect on the civilized world. Rapes and murders and horrible violence is spreading out of control. Women in Sweden are fearful to walk in a park or to go outside and walk their dog in some areas.

We cannot let it happen here.

Only 100,000 radical Islamists in the world? I don’t think so but the vast majority of the 1.6 billion are peaceful and mean no one any harm. I absolutely believe that.



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