What did you do to prep this past week?

Not a long list of preps this week but have made some good progress.

The wife of one of the members in the group I belong to saw some Mountain House freeze dried food for sale on Facebook. She sent out a message to group members. I contacted the seller and made a deal with him. We bought a 12 month supply for 1 person for $400. What a bargain. 144 assorted cans of Mountain House foods for under $3.00 a can. We split the purchase four ways so I added 36 cans to my food storage program.

FYI – the food was manufactured end of 2007 so there are many years of life left in them.

I am still going to put in an order to take advantage of the huge Emergency Essentials Mountain House sale going on this month.

So – what have you done this past week?

Your turn!





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