What did you do to prep this past week?

This past week was interesting. I am still processing my experience from last weekend and the firearms class I took. A few things from the past week:

  •  Went to my brothers place in Georgia over the weekend and did a lot of shooting. I also visited a really cool “farmers” store nearby his place called Jaemor Farms. I have visited this place before buying cases of tomatoes and green beans for canning. Awesome country store. Some pictures will be posted below.


  • Picked up an old military trailer. It’s been modified and no longer in its original condition but for my purposes just fine. I am starting a “bug out trailer” project and this will be the base which the project will be built around. Goal here is to have this thing ready to go – and at a moments notice hook it up and go.


  • Planted more seeds and now the garden is about 2/3rds complete. Also started an herb garden.
  • Finished Escaping Home by A. American. This is book #3 of the series. This entire series is awesome.


So – what have you done this past week?




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