What did you do to prep this past week?

This past week flew by. Not a tremendous amount completed as far as prepping goes. Spent a good amount of time getting ready for the first episode of The Patriot Podcast.

Here is what I have have done this past week:

  • Received a MecArmy CREE G2 LED Keychain Light. Thing rocks! 160 lumens in such a small package. Review will be published possibly later this week. Currently running around $42.90. Use coupon code “GBLED2016” for an additional 8% off.
  • Threw two more jars of peanut butter in the freezer.
  • Purchased some gardening supplies. Looking for a tiller as well. Started weeding the garden.
  • Purchased the galvanized trash can to start my EMP kit.

I have been researching adding some additional solar to my property. I am adding a few panels, couple of fork truck batteries – to run a small refrigerator.I will certainly write something up as the project progresses.


BTW – seeds are out in stores and available for purchase. Good project is to put together a small seed bank.

So – what have you done this past week?

Your turn!






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