The Patriot Podcast is almost here

This week the first episode of The Patriot Podcast should be recorded. I will be co-hosting with a buddy of mine – Prepper Ralph. I am still working out all the bugs with the software and recording equipment. There is little doubt the sound and production quality will improve as we gain experience. Ralph and I are excited to get going.

First episode will provide some introductions and relevant information such as podcast scheduling, format, and purpose. I am sure we will hit on a couple of topics possibly related to current events, guns, preparedness, etc.

Patriot Podcast (2)

For the podcast to be successful it will be important for listeners to help spread the word. I know many readers here are not on Facebook but if you are please go like and share our Facebook page for The Patriot Podcast. It can be found here:

Ralph and I have a website set up as well –  Published podcasts will be available for listening as soon as they are available. They will also be available for download and show notes will be provided. An occasional blog post will be written as well.

I’ll make an announcement once episode #1 is available.

Take care all –









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