New EMP Threat….It’s Time To Prepare

EMP has been a concern within the prepper community for years. Recently the awareness of EMP has grown tremendously and many non-preppers have heard of it.

A couple of recent developments in North Korea sets the level of threat to an all new high.

First – In January North Korea tested a new weapon – a hydrogen bomb. This is important as this type of bomb makes for a Super EMP weapon which could practically wipe out the electric grid and disable most all vehicles and electronics across the country.  Of course the bomb has to be delivered high above the United States – or at least over part of it.



Second – On February 6th, North Korea launched a satellite into space with a proposed purpose of being used for observation and imagery. Is this the true purpose for the satellite or is it intended for something much more evil and destructive? Could the satellite contain a small hydrogen bomb? Could North Korea be preparing for an EMP attack on the United States?

My own EMP preparations have been minimal. This is changing now. Currently I have a couple of large ammo cans – about twice the length of a 50 cal. – filled with walkie talkies, weapon optics, radio’s, and LED flashlights among other things. This weekend I am going to pick up at least one galvanized trash can and begin filling it with supplies.

See the video below for information on using a galvanized trash can for EMP protection:



I’ll snap a few pictures as I set up the “EMP kit” and share once I am done.

Take care all –









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