What if you knew you had 6 months? 12 months?


What if somehow you had inside information that an impending “doom” was going to occur in 6 months? What would you do? How would your priorities change? What actions would you take to ensure the best possible chance for you and your families survival? Would you tell your friends?

What if it was 12 months?

So many questions. Here’s another: Did they get you thinking?

Obviously this post is entirely fictional. I have no way of predicting the future with any significant level of certainty however I do feel something is coming. I know I am not alone and at times answering questions  like those presented here help draw me back on target and get things in perspective.

So – to play along here is what I would do if I knew I had 6 months to get ready:

  • Night Vision – I would purchase night vision. It is such an advantage to be able to see in the night without anyone else knowing. What a fantastic combat multiplier. Night vision is expensive but if I knew of an impending event I would be willing to spend the money.
  • Food – Continued stocking up would be in order. Due to the immediate nature of the event I would stock up on inexpensive canned goods as well as some dry products. Pancake mix, syrup, spices,  and dehydrated potatoes are a few examples.
  • Seeds – Inexpensive heirloom seeds would be sourced locally and stored in large quantity. Some fertilizer would be good to add as well.
  • Firearms Training – I would seek out some additional training with an emphasis on group tactics. I am lacking in that area.
  • Extra Clothing – Items for both summer and winter. Underwear and lots of socks. Good boots and hiking shoes would be put back.
  • Soap and Cleaning Products – I would stock up on bars of soap, disinfectant, bleach, and toilet paper. I would also pick up a couple small pressure sprayers that you manually pump up. These would be good as mini-showers.
  • Liquor – A few bottles of Jack Daniels wouldn’t hurt.
  • Bic Lighters and Matches – I would fill up an 18 gallon tote with both.
  • Nails & Screws – Without these any building project would be difficult. Post-SHTF these supplies would be very valuable.
  • Guns & Ammo – Even though I feel very good about my levels in these areas I would add an additional couple firearms and coinciding ammunition.
  • Fuel – As much as I can store.
  • Spare Generator – Hey, one is good but you never know.
  • Communications – Additional Ham radios and antennas. More power and greater height would be sought after.
  • Chickens – I would build a pen and get a good supply of chickens.
  • Batteries –  ’nuff said.
  • Spare Glasses – At least a few for every member of the family who needs them.


Looking over my list I realized something. I just put together a list of these items I am most in need of. At least for the most part. Although it may be unrealistic to run out and purchase all these things in short order it is – at least for me – a decent guide to follow and keep in front of me.

The list could be endless. What would be on your list?



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