From the Front Lines…….

Here is another installment of “From the Front Lines”. Basically a collection of random thoughts related to preparedness, current events, and whatever else that’s on my mind.

First and foremost…..HAPPY EASTER. Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day.

Prepping This Week: Another busy one. Picked up some alkaline AA batteries and C batteries. I do not use C cell batteries in hardly anything but I picked up a new flashlight at Tractor Supply. I know it seems like I have been on a gun buying frenzy lately  – I just picked up another. I went to the range on Friday and a guy had a like-new Kel-Tec Sub 2000 9mm for $375. I offered him $350 and he took it. Good deal.  I bought a few extra magazines for the Sub 2000 and 100 rounds of 9mm. Started searching for a new bug out bag bag. Also found some cardboard to line the inside of my galvanized trash can(EMP protection).

The Patriot Podcast: The first episode of The Patriot Podcast is live. My partner and I had a few issues with the audio but it is not too bad. Episode 2 should be live on Monday with much better audio.

Vacation: I will be AFK(away from keyboard) the week of April 2nd. I will have limited access to email and the website.

Something to ponder:


Take care all –



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